Because it is time for you to take responsibility for your own health and that of your family, and My Medic Eye makes the task easy.

My Medic Eye is an intelligent folder where you can easily keep all our health information together in one safe place, see it organised in folders, see test results or charts for tracking constants, get alerts for your medication, alarms for doctor’s appointments and reminders of recurrent check-ups you need to plan for.

You can store test results of all types, take photos or upload documents, add trackable constants to be shown in charts, notes, vaccines, surgeries you have or will undergo, past and future medication and medical appointments with alerts and reminders.

Each person has their own medical history with specific events they want to track. This is why you can create your own folders to reflect those events, and store information of any type within those folders. This will help you find all the info in one place when you are taking care of that particular issue. If you don’t wish to use folders, you can still go through your information by type of record, chronologically or searching keywords.

Indeed you can! For example, a blood test done to follow up on a surgery that you put in one folder, can also be interesting for cholesterol tracking you have in another.

Yes, My Medic Eye has been designed and developed for the end user so that you can keep track of your health but also that of other members of your family. You can create and manage profiles of people that are dependent on you, and you can also willingly share (or unshare) your own profile with others. You will have to explicitly consent to it.

There are three levels of sharing. You can allow others to view your data, to modify it or to also share it with third parties. If you do allow someone to share your data with others, it will be up to them how they do so, so be careful since it is your responsibility.

Yes, every profile is completely separate, with its own folders and content. If you have access to more than one profile, you can change from one to the other using the picture icon on the top right-hand corner.

No, My Medic Eye is a folder, developed for you to organise your health issues and keep information at hand. We are not doctors and we do not wish to give medical advice or replace your doctor in any way. You are responsible for your health and must consult with professionals whenever necessary.

You are. Together with your doctor, you need to plan your health issues. My Medic Eye is a tool to help you keep it all organised.

You do. My Medic Eye keeps it safe for you and is not able to access your records. The only people who can access your data are the ones you specifically grant permissions to.

Yes, we surely hope so! We have put all resources at our disposal in place to make your data as safe as possible. We encrypt all of your records in a way that only you can decrypt with your personal login information. So even our team cannot see your information and it makes it all that more difficult for third parties to gain unauthorised access to it.

Yes, you can download your data by folders, or globally, into a file that will contain all the flat information plus all the extra files you might have uploaded.